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Public Health Woke: Protecting Immigrant Health

Over 130 people attending the Sanctuary Healthcare For All conference were welcomed Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 by Jesús 'Chuy' Garcia, Cook County Commissioner, 7th District. The Conference included over 20 speakers, 2 plenaries, and 4 workshops sponsored by 12 organizations.

Across the country, immigrant communities have faced increased discrimination and fear in accessing health services: in addition to facing barriers to care due to poverty and other social determinants of health, now undocumented parents are afraid to apply for health coverage for their children due to fears of deportationpatients are afraid to seek preventative care for chronic conditions, and patientscaregivers, and providers alike have been targeted for ICE deportations in healthcare settings.​

There is a clear need for added protections for immigrants in healthcare settings. Public Health Woke, a coalition of 19 Chicago-based organizations, is committed to answering this call by providing trainings and resources to healthcare practitioners and administrators on how to ensure that all patients, regardless of documentation status, have safe access to quality healthcare. 

Sanctuary Healthcare for All:

Protecting the Rights of Immigrants and Marginalized People

More than 130 people attended at SEIU Healthcare, 2229 S. Halsted, Chicago, Illinois.

Target Audience
Staff from community health centers, hospitals, and other health agencies, legal agencies and leaders in community based organizations who are willing to:  1) train colleagues; 2) work to change institutional culture; and 3) address policies and procedures with the goal of supporting and protecting families and patients in marginalized groups.


Rapid Response Survey
Public Health Woke presented preliminary survey results Impact of Recent Policy & Practices on Immigrant & Marginalized Groups' Health.  Public Health Woke is surveyed individuals who work at safety net organizations within Cook County, and surrounding counties to collect data on the impacts of the recent changes in immigration and refugee policy and enforcement on our clients. Thank you to all those people who completed the survey.  

Public Health Woke hosted a regional conference on February 3rd, 2018 with the goal of providing the tools and networking opportunities for advancing the safety, protection, and sanctuary healthcare for marginalized groups of people within the healthcare setting. The conference focused on both health and legal issues faced in caring for immigrant and marginalized groups.

The morning plenary began with a welcome from Jesús 'Chuy' Garcia, Cook County Commissioner, 7th District. The Conference included over 20 speakers, 2 plenaries, and 4 workshops sponsored by 12 organizations. The detailed agenda, objectives and sponsors list is here.

Guide for Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights developed a guide to protecting undocumented residents and their families for the benefit of public health and all society.

Who is This Guide For?​
People working at local health agencies who are looking to protect and support undocumented residents and their families.

How Can You Use This?
We hope the ideas and actions in here resonate and that you move forward with at least some of them at your health department, healthcare provider, or other organiztion. Please share these ideas with others.

Who to Contact?​
If you have questions or edits, please email:

Download the guide here!

Sanctuary Healthcare for All

Resource Guide

Public Health Woke compiled resources for the conference including: health and immigration resources, best practice guides, organizational change guides, legal resources, and sample signage. A selection of these materials will soon me posted.

Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights slide deck

Additional Resources

Fact sheet for standing against deportations and protecting the rights of all 

Find resources to help you make your medical practice, hospital, clinic or doctor's office welcoming, inclusive, and safe for immigrants and refugees 

Know Your Rights Pamphlet in English (left) and Spanish (right)

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