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We are fighting for a better future. 

The Collaborative for Health Equity Cook County (CHE Cook County) recognizes that many people, especially Black, indigenous, and people of color, don't have access to the opportunities and resources necessary to live healthy lives. Whole populations are poorer, have worse health outcomes, and live shorter lives than white communities. Structural racism and other forms of oppression are the root causes of preventable, unjust and unfair health inequities.


The mission of CHE Cook County is to build relationships and alliances with other sectors and community organizations in order to change the maldistribution of money, power, and resources that produces the gross injustices and inequities we see in our communities today.

To build a health equity movement that works to eliminate structural racism and creates the opportunity for all people of Cook County to live healthy lives.

Our goals include:

  • Raising awareness about the social determinants of health inequities

  • Building power in African-American, Latinx, and other oppressed communities in order to hold institutions accountable

  • Changing policy and making policy recommendations

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