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NOTE: This fun event outdoors took place! Get on our mailing list --scroll to the bottom-- to learn about upcoming events and collective actions to build the health justice movement.

Join us! CHE Cook County Meeting & Pizza Party to Build Power for Health Equity

Thursday, October 14th 5:30-7:00 pm
Open courtyard south of the Spoke & Bird patio at 205 E.18th St, Chicago

We will have pizza. Bring a chair, mask, water bottle, and come vaccinated! 


The Collaborative for Health Equity Cook County (CHE) would like to invite you to an outdoor event to learn about CHE, network, and help us build power for our health equity work. This will be a socially distanced and masked event and we expect attendees to be vaccinated. We will have some seating, but if you are able to, please bring a portable chair.


The mission of CHE Cook County is to build relationships and alliances with other sectors and community organizations in order to change the maldistribution of money, power, and resources that produces the gross injustices and inequalities we see in our communities today. 


Our goal of this meeting is to grow the collective power of CHE Cook County by connecting with health justice minded colleagues, becoming a public health voice in this pandemic, and focusing on immediate actions we can take for health equity in Cook County. We hope you’ll join us!

If you have any questions, please contact

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