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CHE Cook County

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CHE Cook County Supports Fight For $15

Lucha por $15 & Union Rights

CHE Cook County joins thousands of fast food workers and allies from across the world calling for a $15 minimum wage, Union rights, and and end to sub-minimum wage or "tipped-wage."

$15 Minimum Wage Saves Lives!

…is a health equity fight!

…is a public health issue.

“A $15 minimum wage could have averted 2800 to 5500 premature deaths between 2008 and 2012 in New York City, representing 4% to 8% of total premature deaths in that period. Most of these avertable deaths would be realized in lower-income communities, in which residents are predominantly people of color. A higher minimum wage may have substantial positive effects on health and should be considered as an instrument to address health disparities.”

SOURCE: Tsao et.al. (2016) Estimating potential reductions in premature mortality in New York City from raising the minimum wage to $15. American Journal of Public Health, 106(6), 1036-41.  


Poverty and income inequality increase infant mortality-- the chance that a baby will die before their first birthday (Williams & Rosenstock 2015)

52% of fast food workers, 48% of home care workers, 46% of childcare workers, and 25% of part-time college faculty rely on public assistance to feed their families and make ends meet (Jacobs, etal 2015)

A wage increase would decrease the risk of premature death by 5% for adults ages 24 to 44 living in households with an income of about $20,000. (Bhatia 2001)